Mark Morriss (aka singer out The Bluetones)

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Mark Morriss (aka singer out The Bluetones)

Postby tex » 19th Feb 06, 19:53

Maybe not the most popular band round these parts (or round many parts anymore), but I feel a connection with Ginger's lyrics and Mark Morriss' lyrics.

Just came back from the Glasgow Barfly seeing Mark doing a solo, acoustic show and it was very much in the same vein as Ginger does. A lot of banter (both very funny guys), few oldies, few newies, chuck in a couple covers and you have a fantastic show!!!

Also, he finished up with a pitch perfect rendition of The Needle and the Damage Done!!


Honestly, if you don't know them, The Bluetones are a very fine, underrated band!!
Just ignore all the britpop crap they got saddled with in the mid-ninties, they are far above all that sh1t!!!
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Postby mister » 22nd Feb 06, 17:25

I've not seen Mark solo before, but i've seen The Bluetones a few times!
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Postby Glen666 » 22nd Feb 06, 21:51

Yeah, I was into them for a bit. Return to the Last Chance Saloon is a great album.

I saw them at Reading 98 and they were terrible. Not good on a big stage. Kinda ruined it for me.
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Postby tex » 23rd Feb 06, 09:08

I caught them at a couple of T in the Park's too. And, yeah, I do agree, much better indoors on the smaller stages.
One good thing about thier drop in popularity (but not quality, I stress) is that for the fans still into them we get to see them up close and personal in places like the G2, the Barfly and the Liquid rooms.
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