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brat camp

PostPosted: 22nd Feb 06, 22:05
by pete gusher
has anyone else noticed that the kids are always spoilt, middle class kids?


PostPosted: 22nd Feb 06, 22:40
by Nik
Funny that isn't it? I love how you can guarantee the parents always say "She gets everything she wants". I'd lock the buggers in a cupboard and starve them for a couple of weeks...

PostPosted: 22nd Feb 06, 22:46
by pete gusher
its easily the best thing on tv right now
and itll teach people not to spoil their kids!

PostPosted: 26th Feb 06, 03:56
by trace-da-space
here's a good question!! what "useless parent quote" annoys ya most??!

fer me, tiz (in front of brat) "I can't do a THING with her!" (or "him", obv.) followed by a feeble laugh, thus jist about TELLIN' the little get it's in control...GRRRRR!! :evil:

trace x

PostPosted: 26th Feb 06, 04:14
by pete gusher
well, the best parent quote was

"shes called me a fucking bastard, fucking slag, fucking lesbian cunt"

fucking lesbian cunt? ha!

PostPosted: 28th Feb 06, 00:18
by twunt
Personally I'd say my favourite was when the lesbian looking one was throwing a tantrum and screaming at a guy 'You're a fucking knobhead!' was quite a classic......