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Postby Chris Davies » 24th Feb 06, 14:01

Keev wrote:yes you should go to bed. you look about 12. i'm old enough to be your

hahahaha :D love it , being insulted by you kev is like a compliment
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Chris Davies
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Postby Keev » 24th Feb 06, 15:31

a size 6 arse? thats sounds nice. i like size 6 arses trace mate.
mar kitty kat he no stop eating now that he had his gonads frozen. he hasnt got the hump though well not yet anyways, he still sleeps on my head so it looks ok.
slash says moo moo you cant get through you only get to moo if you barr barr cheep cheep. repeat that to the beginning of life is like a lovebank. go on i dare ya. moo moo you cant get through......
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Postby trace-da-space » 26th Feb 06, 03:43

unfortunately, kev, mate...tiz a BONY size 6, not a FIT size 6...soz... :?

trace x
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