yo yo's live and promo vids

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yo yo's live and promo vids

Postby Jimmy79 » 14th Oct 09, 23:17

just found this on youtube


pretty cool

maybe this should be moved to another section?

plus music videos



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Postby Damian » 15th Oct 09, 11:12

Bless them, they were great fun while they lasted. It's a pity they split because every successive time they played in Bristol at least, a bigger crowd turned up. John Peel was a fan too. Mary Anne Hobbs once lambasted him on air for that, saying that she thought they sounded like Status Quo, to which Peel's response was "...and what's wrong with that?"

The last time I saw them, the first band on was The Hives (the second was Groop Dogdrill). Even to a small audience, The Hives did all their schtick - the bit where they froze in the middle of the set (cue someone in the audience shouting "someone put another 50p in the meter!"), the lambasting of people for not applauding enough and so on. Good times.
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Postby Assmask » 15th Oct 09, 12:44

Great find!

What a band!

The Big Grizzly

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Postby markE » 15th Oct 09, 12:45

nothing wrong with sounding like the quo at all. the yoyos were bloody great weren't they?
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Postby blackdeathcrew » 15th Oct 09, 12:50

Superb band....greatly missed
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Postby Dark Lord of Barnet » 19th Oct 09, 00:24

markE wrote:nothing wrong with sounding like the quo at all. the yoyos were bloody great weren't they?
Too right! I still miss 'em.
"and don't forget the joker!"

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