London tonight.

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London tonight.

Postby wildsam6o » 22nd Dec 09, 17:15

Everyone going tonight looking forward to it? I'm on my way into London now from Southend, and its bloody freezing.

Where are people going for beers beforehand?

Anyone got a spare ticket available by the way?
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Postby Trudi » 22nd Dec 09, 17:17

The nearest obvious pub is the Wetherspoons opposite the Bar Academy on the upstairs level of the N1 centre.
Pretty sure there are tickets on the door
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Postby macc lad » 23rd Dec 09, 18:32

So how was it then any suprises or the same set as Leeds/Wolves ????
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macc lad
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Postby wildsam6o » 23rd Dec 09, 21:02

was an amazing gig,

Ginger was in good spirits and i was in tears cos i was laughing so much at that "pilled up pooch" they had dancing on the stage.

If somebody has any pictures of that thing, please post them.

the set was pretty similar to leeds/wolves, though there was some differences in the encore.....but for the life of me i cant remember what was played (im no good am i haha)
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Re: London tonight.

Postby Dark Lord of Barnet » 23rd Dec 09, 23:45

wildsam6o wrote:Everyone going tonight looking forward to it?
No - I spent money on a ticket because I thought it would be terrible.

Guess what? It was easily one of the best gigs I've been to all year!

I might even go and see them again sometime...
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