scitzophonic extended intro.

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Re: scitzophonic extended intro.

Postby aboynamedposh » 7th May 10, 15:59

Yeah, I saw them do the 'Headfuck' intro into a surprise rendition of 'Schitzophonic' thing at the Glasgow Garage back in two thousand and... something! It was a shocker.
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Re: scitzophonic extended intro.

Postby piesJoy » 20th May 10, 19:31

Just got my cassette copy of 'Fishing for more luckies' the other day off eBay. I was pleasantly surprised to find the version of 'Schizophonic' is the extended one !!!
(I used to own the CD version of this aeons ago, and could have sworn it was cut short at the beginning!!?)

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