NFL Expert Picks: See who the experts like in Steelers vs. R

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NFL Expert Picks: See who the experts like in Steelers vs. R

Postby zhangzk » 1st Nov 18, 03:20

There really isn’t much introduction needed when you are talking about the Baltimore Ravens playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. Images of Hines Ward Pittsburgh Steelers T-Shirt , Ed Reed, Ray Lewis and Jerome Bettis all come to mind, and although those names are no longer on the rosters, it doesn’t lessen this AFC North rivalry.Regardless of record, or perception, these two teams always play each other down to the wire, normally withing 4 points of one another. When it comes to the winner, you might as well flip a coin, but with the Steelers getting the best of the Ravens the past three games you better believe Baltimore is ready to change this trend on Sunday Night Football when they visit Heinz Field.We all can prognosticate the winner of this divisional game, but this is where we take a look at who the experts like to win the game this Sunday night. After checking the main sites, the results are all across the board.If you are looking for a very pro-Steelers expert panel, ESPN is your place to be. Of their 10 person panel, only one, Theo Riddick Pittsburgh Steelers Hats , thinks the Ravens will go into Pittsburgh and leave victorious. While not as dominating as ESPN, the experts at CBS Sports are very divided on the outcome of this contest. Of their 8 experts who make weekly picks, 5 see the Steelers winning and advancing their record to 2-1-1 heading into Week 5.But Steelers fans shouldn’t get too excited. The haters here at SB Nation are always around to pick against Pittsburgh. Of the 7 experts, 4 believe the Ravens are the better team and will walk away with the ‘W’, keeping Pittsburgh win-less at home.However, when it comes down to it the fact is there are a ton of websites who produce weekly expert picks, and to get a feel for who they are taking in this matchup we turn to our friends at NFL Pick Watch. NFL Pick Watch is a website which collects all the expert picks across the web, and puts them into a convenient chart for fans to read. According to their data, a whopping 80 percent of experts are picking the Steelers to win this game.So, who do you think will win the game? The experts are leaning towards the Steelers, but what say you? Let us know in the comment section below!Steelers LB T.J. Watt reportedly fined for ‘forcibly hitting the knee area’ of Matt Ryan In today’s NFL, there are plenty of questionable calls on the football field. You see awful defensive pass interference calls in almost every game, odd holding penalties and of course the often discussed roughing the passer penalties.Usually in the NFL, when a player is given a personal foul of some kind Pittsburgh Steelers Womens Hoodie , they are also met with a fine of some sort. If not fine follows, it is usually the NFL’s way of saying they missed the call on the field. So, when this happened on Sunday in the Steelers vs. Falcons game, and a flag was thrown for roughing the passer, most assumed T.J. Watt would be getting an “our bad” vibe from the league office by not getting fined. Think again. Yes, Watt was reportedly fined for the above hit, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.In a game where fans, players and coaches are talking about the horrible penalties occurring on a weekly basis, the league doing something like this is only going to compound the frustration with the game, the officials and those enforcing said rules.Either way, Watt would be smart to appeal the fine, considering he tried to move out of Ryan’s way, but was unable to avoid “forcibly hitting the knee area” of the quarterback.What a joke.
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