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Re: Bristol

Postby Smithy » 15th Dec 11, 00:59

Thank God everythings calmed down..... :hug:
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Re: Bristol

Postby porlb » 15th Dec 11, 01:13

here's footage (not that I was there), It happens halfway through I wanna go.

Can't Watch This?

It's fair to say that if it wasn't for the twats stagediving it wouldn't have happened.
I hate to say it but it's a bit strange to moan about the crowd and hating touring before or during the gig. Why hasn't he told us AFTER the tour if he wanted to be honest? I can't fault the guy 99.999% of the time, he was good enough to guestlist me for wolverhampton as I'm unemployed.
Maybe he's just too honest and doesn't believe in holding back his thoughts. Also I agree with the point above about his workload this past couple of years, I can't say I'm suprised he's snapped a bit.
Looking forward to wolverhampton!
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Re: Bristol

Postby Ross » 15th Dec 11, 10:09

Based on that footage, ginger had every right to have a go. What twat tries to get on stage in such a tiny venue? Gig ettiquette innit? Most of us learnt it at gigs when we were younger.

Don't fight
Help people up if they fall over
If a girl's getting squashed, then try and stop the crowd a bit
And don't fucking crowdsurf or get on stage if there's no fucking room.
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Re: Bristol

Postby SiN1758 » 15th Dec 11, 11:15

Would not have wanted to be the guy who caused all the fuss - he earnt himself a proper verbal dressing-down from Ginger. And, let's be honest, who wants to earn a drubbing from one of his musical heroes?

Kinda confused as to what happened to Dunc tho - he didn't get whacked in the face with a guitar as was intially reported.
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Re: Bristol

Postby Col » 15th Dec 11, 11:56

Nope, deffo not a guitar.
Moses - Red Sea - Bollocks. Col - Academy doors - genius.
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Re: Bristol

Postby Egg4Goff » 15th Dec 11, 14:21

It looks like it was the mike stand that caught Dunc although everything's a bit dark to tell properly.
I don't know what had happened earlier in the gig but Ginger sounded quite appreciative of the crowd after 29x - he said his thanks and that it really meant a lot.
He was pretty justified in pointing out the bloody obvious to the dick that wrecked the whole thing - there was no room on stage and was clear that anyone getting dumped at the front of the stage would smash into something important.
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Re: Bristol

Postby Speedy1974 » 15th Dec 11, 14:25

After watching the video I'm completely at a loss to why people were asking for a refund.

Less than a minute left on the final song and that was stopped by the most stupid person I've ever seen at a gig.
The band were basically in the front row of the audience and he attempted to crowd surf.

If people were to ask anyone for there money back it should be at the prick that caused the problem. Really hope someone gave (or gives) him a good kicking for doing that.
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Re: Bristol

Postby joelwreford » 15th Dec 11, 16:52

The surf was stupid, not the venue to support it. It is a rock show though. But the complaining was due to other things too, like being told fuck off if we didn't clap, in no uncertain terms, by the act we've paid to see. The guy who surfed must regret it, but after his public flaying he got, he probably won't see things the same way again Ginger/Wildhearts wise. Neither will I.
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Re: Bristol

Postby James S » 15th Dec 11, 16:56

Col wrote:Nope, deffo not a guitar.

Nope. That was my initial assumption sorry, but as you can see it's all a bit confused ( I was on the far side of the stage infront of Random)
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Re: Bristol

Postby DangerousBeans » 15th Dec 11, 17:44

Egg4Goff wrote:It looks like it was the mike stand that caught Dunc although everything's a bit dark to tell properly.

Yep looks like its the folding bit of the top half of the mic stand thats caught him.

I've never understood why folk want to get up and fanny about on stage.There are wires everywhere.It's bad enough stripping a show down afterwards when you know what you're doing.Especially a rock show.Bloody hell one wrong jump on a cable and you'll collapse the drum kit by tumbling a mic over.
At least they don't have fireworks during IWGWTPG these days
Seems such a shame but it kept us entertained

Darren Brodie
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Re: Bristol

Postby shockingcandy » 15th Dec 11, 21:33

Just watched the video. Ouch! Gigs are emotional and people often do stupid things because of it (not to mention the influence alcohol can have). I'm sure people on both sides will get over it.
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Re: Bristol

Postby Damian » 15th Dec 11, 23:35

Having been there, I've got no desire to watch that last bit again, as opposed to the rest of the set. Here's how the gig started. Note how great the band is, note how great the crowd is:

Can't Watch This?

We're going round in circles apart from this aren't we? How about closing this thread and letting the above clip be the last word?
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Re: Bristol

Postby markE » 15th Dec 11, 23:40

At least this whole thing has kickstarted this here forum, which was a bit dead since everyone buggered off to formspring! :hug:
why do i have to ignore you to get your attention?
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Re: Bristol

Postby joelwreford » 15th Dec 11, 23:43

Okay, end of.
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Re: Bristol

Postby Assmask » 16th Dec 11, 12:06

I don't get it, did something happen in Bristol?

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