Birthday Gig 2012 (+ pre-drinks)

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Re: Birthday Gig 2012

Postby Egg4Goff » 28th Aug 12, 09:09

Tickets bought. Might have to try and do it all in the day being on Monday this year. I'm sure work won't mind when I fall asleep at my desk on the Tuesday.
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Re: Birthday Gig 2012 (+ pre-drinks)

Postby vickyp » 28th Nov 12, 11:42

After much discussion on the facebook group it appears we have agreed on a pub for the meet up beforehand - the Bull & Gate. It's 4 doors down from the venue and pub-shaped, so you can't miss it. If you're walking up the road from Kentish Town tube it's on the left.

:crystal: MAP HERE

See roughly 2,000 of you there before the gig then eh? :cheers:
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Re: Birthday Gig 2012 (+ pre-drinks)

Postby Ittajitoshi » 2nd May 18, 09:03

This is exactly what I thought
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