Pure Rawk Awards 2013

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Pure Rawk Awards 2013

Postby vickyp » 3rd Jan 13, 18:09

Hi all,

The nominations are up and voting has opened for this year's Pure Rawk awards, and there's some cracking stuff in the nominations list. Such as:

Ginger - nominated for Best Frontperson and Album of the Year
Exit_International - also up for Best Frontperson, Band of the Year & EP/Single of the Year
Eureka Machines - up for Axe Hero (go Davros!) and Best Video for Pop Star
Blacklist Saints
James Warner Prophecies
The Idol Dead
Robin Guy
Dead Identities
Mr Shiraz
...the list goes on

There's loads of good stuff, you can see for yourself here: http://www.purerawk.com/awards/nominations/

But if I might make a little suggestion, it would be this (ahem):
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Re: Pure Rawk Awards 2013

Postby Dark Lord of Barnet » 6th Jan 13, 14:06

Get voting people - this is where YOU can make a difference! ;)
"and don't forget the joker!"

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Re: Pure Rawk Awards 2013

Postby Damian » 18th Mar 13, 16:35

Dark Lord of Barnet wrote:Get voting people - this is where YOU can make a difference! ;)

And you and I are officially partners in crime now. :)
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