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massive clearout of the wildhearts rarites on ebay

PostPosted: 5th Mar 06, 23:16
by Chris Davies
just to let everyone know , someone is having hell of a clear out of some really top wildhearts items, loads of promos , japaneese versions etc ... all for very decent prices where you have the buy it now option , much to my suprise there selling the promo of suckerpuch with 29x the pain cd , which i have just snapped up for £7.00 buy it now , is that a good deal , cause i know this is a rare item as its never on ebay usually , im chuffed lol :D

PostPosted: 6th Mar 06, 19:37
by Hannah
Cheers hon - just got meself the Pump It Up promo that I've been after for a while! Makes up for the weekend of spewing....;)


PostPosted: 6th Mar 06, 22:23
by davejnick
Oh god no, reading this thread is going to cost me a fortune.............. :?