"Earth Vs" anniversary show hoody on ebay

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"Earth Vs" anniversary show hoody on ebay

Postby FaB NiNe » 26th Oct 09, 12:44

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Re: "Earth Vs" anniversary show hoody on ebay

Postby piesJoy » 29th Jan 10, 18:53

I got one of these pictured aeons ago, along with two of another design. Quality could be better is all i am gonna say. Other than the one pictured which i wear, the zip burst on one of the others ( 18quid to get a new zip on it (!)), and the other one (the same but smaller size) is two small a size to wear (they are *very* small made, so best buying xxl sizes!). maybe if i lose weight in future i can wear the smaller bugger.... :D
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