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Rare Wildhearts & related t-shirts up on ebay...

PostPosted: 29th Dec 09, 18:20
by Dreadlocksmile
So that I'm not shot down in flames for the grotesque posting of an advert to sell stuff on a friendly forum (without even first introducing myself or anything), I'd just like to say that we're having twins in a couple of months time and as such I'm having a massive clear-out of a load of my old band t-shirts to raise funds and make room for the two little 'uns imminent arrival.

So, if you get your perky behind over to ebay between now and midnight (ish) on Thursday 7th January, then you can nab yourself a wee bit of Wildboys history in the cotton format.

I've put up a veritable plethora of Wildhearts/Ginger related t-shirts that I have acquired over the last 17 years or so (mostly if not all from gigs).

Here's a link to all my current listings on there:
Dreadlocksmile Ebay Listings

Plus, every penny that we get will help us out immensely with the costs of getting the stuff we need for the arrival of the twins. So you're giving to a damn good course here!!!

Go on...dig deep and grab a rare t-shirt or two.

Here's a few pics of some of the t-shirts on there to hopefully whet your appetites somewhat...






Thank you!!!!

PostPosted: 29th Dec 09, 20:08
by Col
Some crackin shirts there mate. It's a shame you have been so hygenic tho, some serious anti persperant marks there. It'll be interesting to see how much those go for.

I'm deffo intrerested in a few (at the right price of course) and luckily I'm XL with 44 years of beef around the tum tum area.

Good luck with the auctions, and good luck with the upcoming arrival of 2 bundes of joy.

PostPosted: 29th Dec 09, 21:18
by Dreadlocksmile
Cheers squire! Yeah, some of them do have anti-perspirant marks on them (although the camera flash made them look a lot worse than they actually are in a lot of the cases).

To sweeten the deal somewhat, I'll even throw in a copy (as in I'll knock out a CD-R copy with a photocopy of the cover) of the infamous 'Paradise Of Snot' CD, for anyone on here who wins 3 or more of the t-shirts I've listed on ebay.

I dunno if many of you remember this high-quality bootleg compilation doing the rounds back in 2004, but it's got some right gems on it which are worth getting your grubby mitts on:

Image Image

PostPosted: 29th Dec 09, 21:53
by floyd
quite like a copy of that cd never heard some of them covers, but never gonna buy 3 of them shirts, though may bid on one of them, so anyone got it for upload or a link to it.

PostPosted: 30th Dec 09, 16:25
by Dreadlocksmile
Already been quite a bit of interest and some early bids placed on a lot of the shirts. Thanks to all of you who have taken a look so far. Evey penny is a great help to us!!!



PostPosted: 31st Dec 09, 16:59
by Dreadlocksmile
For the 35 T-Shirts that I've listed on ebay, the bids so far total £45.50...

Keep the bids coming...

Re: Rare Wildhearts & related t-shirts up on ebay...

PostPosted: 11th Jan 10, 03:24
by baratron
Huh! Wish I'd seen this thread earlier. I was saying to my partner just the other day how awesome it would be if someone created an online photo archive of all the Ginger/Wildhearts-related t-shirts that have existed. A lot of them have in-jokes that were amusing at the time (e.g. the WH Warner Bros logo ripoff), and many of them don't have dates on. It'd be great to get them all online in date order with accompanying info...

Re: Rare Wildhearts & related t-shirts up on ebay...

PostPosted: 11th Jan 10, 10:43
by Dreadlocksmile
32 T-shirts sold in the end. Thanks to everyone who bid. The total for all the shirts came to a whopping £266.34!!!! Muchas Gracias!

Indeed Baratron. I kept back a few shirts which I was particularly fond of (Warner Bros, first edition smiley bones, ginger's 40th b-day shirt etc). All in all I had amounted a ridiculous collection of WH and related shirts (I've been to over 40 Wildhearts, SG5, Ginger or Clam Abuse gigs over the last 15 years).

Anyway, thanks once again to everyone who bidded. The £'s will be a great help.