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Wildhearts CDs for sale on EBay

PostPosted: 26th May 10, 17:52
by rogsrevenge
Currently selling my CD collection to help fund a house move. All in good working condition.. Please find all the CD's I have for sale by the Wildhearts and related bands below with links to the relevant auction pages:


The Wildhearts: "Fishing for Luckies" CD Album (Mail order 6 track version with rotting fruit on the cover version)

The Wildhearts: "The Wildhearts" CD Album (Cardboard cover version)

The Wildhearts: "The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed" CD Album

The Wildhearts: "Phuq" CD Album (Limited edition fuzzy purple case version)

The Wildhearts: "Fishing for Luckies" (Fish on cover and extra tracks).

Clam Abuse: "Stop Thinking"

Supershit 666 : "Supershit 666" CD Album (Cardboard case version)

Antiproduct: "Consume and Die...And the Rest is All Fun."


The Wildhearts: "Just in Lust" CD Single

The Wildhearts: "I Wanna Go Where the People Go" CD Single (Limited edition passport pack)

The Wildhearts: "Suckerpunch" CD Single

The Wildhearts: "Red Light - Green Light EP" CD Single

The Wildhearts: "Anthem" CD2 Single

The Wildhearts: "Urge" CD2 Single

Ginger: "I'm a Lover Not a Fighter" CD Single

Ginger: "This Time I'm Serious" CD Single

Backyard Babies: "Look At You" CD Single

Honeycrack: "King of Misery" CD1 and CD2 Singles

Honeycrack: "Anyway?" CD1 and CD2 Singles

Honeycrack: "Go Away" CD1 & CD2 Singles

3 Colours Red: "This is my Hollywood" CD Single on Fierce Panda Records (Signed by all original band members)

3 Colours Red: "Nuclear Holiday" CD Single (Signed by all original band members)

3 Colours Red: "Sixty Mile Smile" CD1 and CD2 Single

Also lots of other CDs by bands like Therapy? , Supersuckers, Red Kross, Ramones, Rocket from the Crypt and more.