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Another dodgy bootleg....

PostPosted: 1st Jul 10, 19:52
by piesJoy

Re: Another dodgy bootleg....

PostPosted: 1st Jul 10, 19:57
by spoon_of_grimbo
looks like a good setlist. i can't help thinking we should all get together and each time one of these pops up, club together the cash, buy a copy, and then upload it for the entire forum to enjoy. i mean, if ginger's okay with it (i'm sure he's okayed the posting of bootlegs before though right? and it's not copyrighted if someone's bootlegged it...).

Re: Another dodgy bootleg....

PostPosted: 5th Jul 10, 16:46
by piesJoy
Didn't someone say the quality of one of them (assuming they are all from the same seller which it appears) was crap? How do they know? Judging by the cover and what not, it sounds like it actually might be quiet good!
I'm off too a Record Fair next weekend, and have cash at the ready. I can recall seeing some wildies Bootlegs from the Endless Nameless Era there in the past, but didn't have the cash at the time. (same fair/same place, so probably same sellers : D )

One of my favourite Bootlegs is Guns N Roses- Silver Bullet. Surelly one their best live performances ever. Er yeah anyway, I digress....