Vinyl/cds for sale!

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Vinyl/cds for sale!

Postby backlinemark » 20th Jul 10, 18:22

Gonna put these on Ebay but thought I'd put them on here first if anyone is interested....make an offer :)


Greetings from Shitsville (brown vinyl)
TV tan (picture disc-pizza)
Caffeine Bomb (green vinyl)
Wildhearts/Clawfinger split 7" given away at Brixton Academy gig August 4th/5th (1993/94?)

Time of your Life yellow vinyl
Time of your Life white label test pressing (very rare!)
Sunshine girl

3 Colours Red:
Beautiful Day
This is my Hollywood (fierce panda version)

Sitting at Home (red vinyl unopened)

Backyard Babies:
Babylon (red vinyl)


I wanna go where the people go
If life was like a love bank (including bank note)
Suckerpunch (etched vinyl)


Mondo Akimbo A-Go-Go (limited edition white vinyl v.rare)
Turning American (one sided vinyl, promo??)

Backyard Babies
Safety pin and leopard skin gatefold with slipmat

Uppers and Downers album (unopened)

The Jellys
Welcome to our world (album)

Dogs D'amour
King of Thieves (black vinyl)

3 Colours Red
Beautiful Day (one sided promo)
Paralyse - Junkie XL remixes promo
This is my Hollywood promo-with Ice T remixes including DJ response sheets unfilled


Moodswings and roundabouts 4 disc Japanese set in book with lyric sheet

If anyone's interested, let me know.... you can email me at:

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Re: Vinyl/cds for sale!

Postby joniakaidiot » 22nd Jul 10, 07:26


These are something I might be interested,
but I guess you ain't letting them go for free. ;)

Suckerpunch (etched vinyl)
Turning American (one sided vinyl, promo??)
Moodswings and roundabouts 4 disc Japanese set in book with lyric sheet
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Re: Vinyl/cds for sale!

Postby siobhan_h » 22nd Jul 10, 12:07

Sent you an email, veeeeery interested in a few of those items!
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