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Moodswings+Roundabouts Boxset for sale

PostPosted: 13th Nov 11, 18:13
by StuWildheart
I'm selling my Moodswings and Roundabouts boxset, number 6040, over here on eBay:

It's been used but it's in a very good state with only minor wear. Not often these come up in the UK so save yourself a bit on postage :)


Re: Moodswings+Roundabouts Boxset for sale on AMAZON ^_^

PostPosted: 23rd Jun 13, 15:34
by jrocknyc
I have one too, #3880, that I need to sell unfortunately. Perfect condition. ... eller=&sr=

Email me at with a price, or post a reply here. (I'm in Brooklyn NY USA).

Can do via ebay if preferred. (I'm jrocknyc@gmail there as well)

More Big Pics! -- Cheers!


Me and them: (Japan 2003)

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