Plymouth Pavillions 1993 full 7 track BBC broadcast

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Plymouth Pavillions 1993 full 7 track BBC broadcast

Postby porlb » 14th Oct 12, 00:02

I don't suppose anyone has a copy of the Plymouth Pavilions 1993 full 7 track BBC rock show broadcast?

The tracklisting should be

1. ...Shoes
2. Shitsville
3. Everlone
4. Liberty Cap** (omitted from anarchic airwaves)
5. shame on me
6. suckerpunch** (omitted from anarchic airwaves)
7. Love you til i don't

I accidentally taped over my copy from when it was originally broadcast. It's the same gig as the first 5 tracks from Anarchic Airwaves except that liberty cap and suckerpunch are not on there.
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