Very sad news regarding our friend Zachary_Storm

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Postby Mattie » 22nd May 08, 23:56


I won't pretend I knew him or had any major contact on here but that's just tragic.
You never expect things like this to happpen to people you know, even on the net. :?

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Postby Pudu » 23rd May 08, 09:29

Spoke to Zach a few times on here and he seemed a genuine likeable lad. Came as a massive shock when I got told by Oleandershelly last night. Am so sorry to hear of this.

Wherever you are Zach I hope you look over the Anniversary gig and rock out to it.

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Postby Velvet Presley » 23rd May 08, 12:11

My deepest respect and sympathies to all affected by this tragic event.
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Postby denis » 23rd May 08, 13:51

poor chap. i'm very sorry to hear of this tragedy. RIP
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Postby macc lad » 24th May 08, 12:09


very sad to hear this news
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Postby skychaserhigh » 26th May 08, 08:16

Very Very sad news :(

Would be fitting if ginge could dedicate a song to the lad at the earth vs show..can we make that happen

R.I.P Pal....
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Postby Soundog » 26th May 08, 18:47

My deepest sympathies to you, Jimmy, and his family. Though I did not have much direct interaction with him, I always enjoyed the genuine and upbeat character to his posts on here.
It's a big loss to the board, and I cannot even begin to think what a huge loss it must be for those close to him.

Rock in peace, Zachary
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Postby Ilsa » 29th May 08, 14:38

Rest in Peace
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Postby SpikyDave » 30th May 08, 03:58


I can't say I had any specific chats with Zachary but from his posts he always seemed like a genuinely good guy - a 'Wildheart' in the truest sense of the word.

Anyway, I've got Nite Songs on for you

"The kind of night that We almost hoped would never end..."

RIP mate.
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Postby Liiisa » 15th Jun 08, 19:30

:( I'm late with this as haven't been on in ages... Just wanted to add my condolences. To reiterate what's already been said, I didn't really know him but it's alway sad to lose one so young. RIP mate *raises glass*
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Postby markE » 18th Sep 08, 16:38

hope you are still coming to the show, jimmy. i know it will be emotional but good luck anyway.
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Postby Jimmy79 » 24th Sep 08, 22:32

thankyou again for so many nice thoughts
we all made it to the show
his friends and family
me and Zacs mum and best friends were three rows from the front
bouncing the way we knew he'd want

Love ya Zac
miss you xx
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