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Screen name

PostPosted: 10th Dec 10, 13:48
by neiljunkster
Not sure if this has been posted. How do i change my screen name?

Re: Screen name

PostPosted: 11th Dec 10, 18:05
by Ean
You PM one of the mods, telling us what you'd like it to be - along with your 3 reasons why - and we'll change it for you.* :D

* Parts of this may not be true.

Re: Screen name

PostPosted: 12th Dec 10, 19:38
by vickyp
yeah, just one reason and the correct B47 form written out in triplicate in the blood of your first born will do. (Or just ask Ean/Andy B/Kris nicely like I did and they'll sort it for you.)

Re: Screen name

PostPosted: 13th Dec 10, 13:17
by neiljunkster
Cheers folks! Im on it!!