Avatar size?

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Avatar size?

Postby baratron » 3rd Dec 14, 02:34

Any chance we could have avatars bigger than 80x80? A lot of sites are up to 130x130 these days, though I'd be happy with 100x100 ;) .

If we're all coming back here then we need the chance to show off our great beauty... or ugliness :doh: .
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Re: Avatar size?

Postby SteveP » 3rd Dec 14, 09:49

You're asking for a George Lucas style special edition of the board I see ;)
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Re: Avatar size?

Postby kriscoverdale » 3rd Dec 14, 11:59

Over the next few weeks we'll be taking a look over the board and how we can modernise it. That's one I'll add to the list.
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Re: Avatar size?

Postby Ean » 3rd Dec 14, 21:02

Turns out that one was quite easy.

Avatars are now a maximum of 115x115, or 50Kb (you can host larger file sizes externally).
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