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Postby Workyticket » 4th Dec 06, 12:59

I'm another one who never met Trace, but she always seemed like a cool, genuine person and my thoughts go out to her friends + family.

RIP Trace
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Postby MikeH » 4th Dec 06, 14:16

Never met her, but couldn't help but be entertained by her over the years on the LiST. No-one as cool as her deserved to put up with the health problems she had for so long - my thoughts are with her family and all who knew her.
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Postby sonicshake » 4th Dec 06, 15:50

Very sad news. Like a lot of you I'd never met her either but she seemed like a very funny and modestly brave individual. My thoughts are with her friends and family.
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Postby davejnick » 4th Dec 06, 19:40

I don't mind admitting that my eyes are a tad watery at the moment.

A one-off who will never be forgotten, even by those who never had the chance to meet her.

Love & hugs to friends and family.
How dare you!
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Postby EvilElvis » 4th Dec 06, 19:42

I never had the pleasure of meeting Trace - though I do believe we've been at the same gigs.

My most treasured memory of Trace: I made a post on the lsit about the song Monkey Zoo being poignant (Sp?) as I was thinking about it when attending a freind's funeral. Trace was the only person from the list to email me and offer her condolances despite the fact she hadn't been too well.

Edit: That was not a criticism of the people on the list - just showing how great Trace was.

I will be playing WLAMF Very loudly and rasing a glass of JD & Coke to her when I'm next in Newcastle.
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Postby Ben Wright » 5th Dec 06, 01:15

Despite only having only known Trace via the Wildhearts Yahoo group, I'm gutted nonetheless.

An amazing woman with a rock n roll spirit.

My thoughts go to her family.

Once funeral arrangements are made, we should all definitely make some contribution whether that be in the way of a donation to a nominated charity or whatever.
Ben Wright
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Postby Zo » 5th Dec 06, 10:22

Been thinking hard about what to write here.. and I just can't find the words to do Trace justice..

She was an absolutely outstanding person. Never have I met someone so brave and courageous, and totally self-less.

I got to know Trace through the list, and from there went on to be good friends - she touched my life in a way that no-one ever has. She had a wonderful love of people, and as many of you have already said, would go out of her way to comfort them and make them feel better no matter what she was faced with personally. She's got me through some of the roughest times in my life, just by being there... and just by being 'Trace'.

Trace - I love you bird, words are not enough. You made all our lives richer just by being here. I miss you.

Get a Jamesons in at the bar for me, and I'll be seeing you when I get there...

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Postby blackdeathcrew » 5th Dec 06, 14:05

I never met Trace in person and had only conversed with her online, yet she was kind enough to obtain the 'great white monkey' cd for me a few years back.
My condolences to all her friends and family
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Postby velvetpresley » 5th Dec 06, 17:25

Oh my... Even though I knew it must be coming, this is such a shock....

Nikki and I met Trace a couple of times, and she's emailed me offlist loads... I think it was Trace who invented the Cloakroom, so it's poignant the news has come through this room.

I've been off the list for a while, but this is more than enough to bring me back.

Trace, you're well loved, and you always will be. I don't think I've ever spoken to a stronger person in my life. Even when faced with insurmountable odds, all she could do is go on about her inflatable tits.

I'll raise a large JD to Trace tonight, and I will play WLAMF very loudly while going through the LiST archives.

To Trace.

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Postby USIGP GAL » 6th Dec 06, 03:21

Very sorry to hear about Trace, never got to meet her, only talked online.

Thinking of her and of all of you...

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Postby merrisl » 6th Dec 06, 12:32

Arse !

WLAMF Trace.
god bless

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Postby eyeheartsatan » 6th Dec 06, 17:25

Just wanted to leave my thoughts here too. It's taken a few days since I got the email to say that she'd gone. Someone who we all believed to be indistructable has finally left us. I'd have thought Trace would eventually be on here giving eulogies on Keef & the roaches who used to dance in the hall.
I'd met her just the once, and I'm glad I went up & said Hi, and I'm glad it was in Newcastle. It was at the Ginger & Sonic Circus gig earlier this year, Legends.
I'm sure Ginger dedicated 'The Man Who..' to Trace that night.. and of course she had done, on several occasions.
We had a laugh 'coz I told her how I was standing next to her at the gig in January @ the Garage (I knew full well she wasn't there...I was standing next to Taz who was holding up her mobile phone so Trace could hear the band) & was promptly told what mad buggers we LiSTEES all were for doing stuff like that.
I will treasure that bit of banter & the hug I got.
I did shed a few tears on finding out she'd passed on, only to remember that I would get called a daft bugger by the lady herself if she caught me,.
Here's to the strength of Trace! an inspiration & a legend. Never to be forgotten.
what can one say!? We'll keep on fighting the cause in the absence of a leader.
my love goes out to the nearest & dearest.
We're actually a Gay Christian Rock Band..
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Postby Zo » 7th Dec 06, 15:28

eyeheartsatan wrote: We'll keep on fighting the cause in the absence of a leader.

Here here...

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Postby Hannah » 7th Dec 06, 17:37

I've been sat here for half an hour now trying to find the words - and for a writer, they've been sadly lacking.

I've come to the conclusion that just aren't enough words in the English language to properly describe Trace and all that she meant to so many people. Doesn't really seem quite real yet, though.

Love, hugs and rock 'n' roll spirit to all.

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Postby niallc » 11th Dec 06, 13:07

Was lucky enough to spend a day in Traces company back in 2001 on the day of the Ginger gig in Changes One and that night in the office in South Shields and she was an absolute diamond over the course of the day and a few pints, kept in touch every now and then but not enough over the years although she did sort me out for the Great White Monkey cd with a lovely note inside talking about the day above, my deepest sympathies to her friends and family, the world is a lesser place without her!!

RIP Trace
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