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Whats the rest of them doing?

PostPosted: 13th Feb 06, 17:18
by neiljunkster
Anyone any ideas what the rest of the lads or doing? CJ and Stidi should put the Jellys back together while theres no Hearts action.

PostPosted: 13th Feb 06, 19:24
by kateyay
I'm fairly sure there was a post on the Wildhearts LiST over on Yahoo Groups (there's a link in the links section!) saying that CJ had joined a band called the V-Autos a while back.

Danny and Chris Catalyst / Robochrist have written some material for a project (check out for more details i think).

PostPosted: 13th Feb 06, 23:01
by Stu
Jef Streatfield is in an amazing called Plan-A,

PostPosted: 14th Feb 06, 11:39
by kateyay
Ritch was recently in a band called Security (but I can't remember what happened to them!) and before that, New Disease (who released an EP with Changes One called "In Vitro"

Jef's band is the crazy and great Plan A (who played at Scarborough and are based in London, well worth checking out-follow the dude above me's link!!)

Random Jon Poole has been in Cardiacs at one gig during the time he was in the Wildhearts, but also formed a band called The Goddamn Whores (meant to have released something on Org records, but not sure if it actually happened!) and is now in Ginger's Sonic Circus. He was also on the National Lottery programme on the same day as the Scarborough gig, where his wife Louise won a large amount of money - Jon could be seen above in the "Family and Friends" area, being camp at Dale Winton!

Willie Dowling (after briefly playing keyboards!) did the Honeycrack thing with CJ, then a solo-ish project called Sugar Plum Fairies (released one album - Fruit Karma), then formed a newer less electronic, more poppy rocky music band called the Celebrity Squares...who released three singles but were then forced to change their name...they then became Jackdaw4 ( ) and released an album a year and a bit ago called Gramohphone Logic. They've supported Ginger acoustically on one tour and Willie played guitar, bass and keys at Ginger's 40th Birthday Party. Willie also recently did some musical arrangements and songwriting for a musical called The Next Big Thing which was on for 2 months in London recently, and was completely wonderful, and it also had Hugo Degenhardt (who played drums in Honeycrack) drumming and acting in the show!

uuuuurmmmmmm.... there is more!

PostPosted: 14th Feb 06, 12:40
by SchitzoStu
Stu wrote:Jef Streatfield is in an amazing called Plan-A,

Plan A rock like Bastards!! :D

Great band. Some cracking free downloads on the website.

Can't wait to see them live again...

PostPosted: 15th Feb 06, 22:39
by Piedude
Listen to CJ's new demos here, I love them

PostPosted: 16th Feb 06, 01:17
by Lily
Piedude wrote:Listen to CJ's new demos here, I love them

totally with you on that one :) another album/tour to look forward to i think:D

Where is Stidi

PostPosted: 16th Feb 06, 12:52
by Rock Bastard
What is Stidi up to now? Has he gone into hiding?? I want him back! He rocks! :D

PostPosted: 20th Feb 06, 03:03
by Dark Lord of Barnet
kateyay wrote:Ritch was recently in a band called Security (but I can't remember what happened to them!)
They split up a while ago. I saw them and thought they weren't a patch on his previous band Grand Theft Audio.