Time to flog some stuff me thinks part 2 (wardrobe time)

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Time to flog some stuff me thinks part 2 (wardrobe time)

Postby Sarc » 5th Feb 08, 11:48

its a wardrobe clearout this time and yes I know some of you are asking why is'nt he using ebay to get rid of it instead of clogging up our message board, well I will be using ebay to flog it soon, funny thing is i trust you lot and prefer to give you all a chance first before someone I dont know gets their mits on it so hopefully some of you will find a good home for this lot and don't worry they'll all be washed and ironed if needed before i post them.

First up we have a moleskin waistcoat that looks like this......
extra large, black, two pockets one either side, five buttons, thats all you need to know really other than it's never been worn, open to offers on this one
Postage will be 2.00

Second up we have this little number for all you White Zombie fans out there
One extra large basketball vest, black and white (obviously) with the white zombie logo on the front (obviously) and bugger all on the back (not so obviously), Looking for 7.50 or nearest offer, again like the waistcoat postage will be 2.00

Thirdly we have, and I'm not quite sure what i was thinking at the time, a New York Yankee's zip up baseball jersey that looks like this......

Its grey, it's extra large, it has a zip, it has a ruddy great 52 on the back and it's an official one, an official 52? I hear you ask, no silly bear an official New York Yankee's jersey., looking for a tenner for this one and as it'll be quite weighty in the post as it's quite thick postage is 3.00

Next up when i get round to it will be a stack of t-shirts featuring obscure bands and cartoon characters when i can be arsed.
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