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Postby Monica_ICE » 16th Feb 08, 01:34

For those of you who consume music in digital files and formats, I want to let you know about an organization (I am NOT a member of; this is not a paid promotion) that is looking to the future of music and entertainment use and consumption. It's a non-profit organization looking to push fans/consumer's rights with digital media, and build the future digitally. They are the Electronic frontier Foundation, and they are made up of paid members of all levels. I haven't done anything with them myself, but I can say they help people who are sued by greedy record labels defend themselves in court among many other things. I'm posting this in case you want a look. http://www.eff.org They are based in the United states and have helped people in canada. I haven't been on their website recently to follow up on their progress. I will say i personally believe in what they are doing, and I have found them to be very reasonable and responsible in WHAT they do. This is sort of a leading organization to put sense back into the music industry. They stand for commom people, not industry hoi polloi. If anything, I hope this is interesting reading for you. Again, i am not a member nor is this a paid promotion. My intention is informational only. *ZO, please don't lock this thread!*

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