Southampton Tips

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Southampton Tips

Postby Dazzle74 » 27th Jul 11, 20:21

I am down in Southampton for the weekend as off to watch Eddie Spaghetti at the Joiners on Saturday.

I was wondering if anyone has any tips for decent rock clubs and pubs that I could drink in on a Friday and Saturday night.


P.S. Ginger was awesome at Sonisphere, especially enjoyed the Hammer tent and looking forward to the tour in August.
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Re: Southampton Tips

Postby markE » 28th Jul 11, 08:42

i don't know southampton very well but there is a great little place called "The Frog". it has a regular singer/guitarist that plays rock and pop/oldies sing along stuff. each time i have been in there it is a fantastic atmosphere with people dancing on tables and singing along. Not sure what time it close but we went in there after Bon Jovi at the stadium once.
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Re: Southampton Tips

Postby Radish » 28th Jul 11, 10:11

Used to live in Southampton. The Frog 'n' Frigate is indeed great, literal sawdust on the floor place, good atmosphere as long as you don't mind a few yachty types. Main downside is that it's right in the arse end of town, miles from anywhere really, so it's a one-stop no-drinks-in-other-venues type thing.
In the centre of town itself (unless things have changed drastically, I haven't been back for a few years) it's mostly shitty chain pubs & bars, with the notable exception of Goblets - ... outhampton. A cellar pub, bit out of the main bit almost opposite a bit of Southampton Solent Uni and around the corner from the library. Great jukebox, and free as well, used to be decorated with loads of album covers etc. So, if you're in the shopping centre bit (and if you are, head to Forbidden Planet, who should be able to point you in the direction of Goblets if not sell you loads of cool stuff) worth heading to Goblets for a beer or two.
As for the night, not sure but Joiners used to carry on for a bit after some bands. If not, you need to head to Bevois Valley (again, the FP staff will be able to give you directions) where you'll find the Hobbit (pub) and the Dungeon (club). Both of these are probably your best bet for the Friday night too.
The Hobbit - - isn't exactly a rock pub, but it is dead laid back, often has good live bands, serves a good selection of beers at two bars and also does some dangerous cocktails, and is open late.
The Dungeon - - - is I think Southampton's only remaining rock club, the Nexus (my personal favourite/home for many years) having been knocked down a few years back. It's just what you'd want, a couple of bars on different levels, space to sit and talk bollocks away from the dance floor and a good bunch of people. Highly recommended.
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