apple i mac problem

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apple i mac problem

Postby denis » 12th Dec 11, 22:02

badly stuck here & no help to be found on google.

whenever i put cd's into the computer the tracks display as .aiff files but i want them to display as mp3 files which i'm sure they were doing as recently as last week.

i'm copying my cd's onto an external hard drive & things were moving along nicely until a software update.

i know you can download mp3 convertors but that would mean copying the cd to the computer first & then converting it, wasting time.

i already went into i tunes preferences & set cd import settings to mp3 but that didn't work. any ideas?

thanks guys
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Re: apple i mac problem

Postby Zoloft » 30th Jun 15, 11:45

On a mac, a raw (uncompressed) audio track is an AIFF file, similarly on a Windows machine, the same file would be a WAV file. If you put in a standard music CD, they SHOULD display as AIFF, as they are not compressed. If you put in a CD that is burned full of mp3 tracks, those will display as mp3. If you want to make an mp3 out of a AIFF file, you need to rip and convert it.
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Re: apple i mac problem

Postby Fileshoicc » 21st Aug 17, 07:36

I think I can find more information in this thread.
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