Cravendale Kermit Backpack

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Cravendale Kermit Backpack

Postby ArcticFox » 29th Mar 12, 12:00


I'm currently trying to get one of the Kermit the Frog backpacks for my daughter from the cravendale milk offer.

Does anyone have any of the codes from the sides of the bottles that they aren't using? If so I would be very grateful if you could PM them to me!

If I get one I will put a WIldhearts pin badge on it before I give it to her naturally! :bounce:
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Re: Cravendale Kermit Backpack

Postby markE » 30th Mar 12, 10:40

i have a magic potato!
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Re: Cravendale Kermit Backpack

Postby Mgojakon » 28th Aug 17, 09:39

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