Adam and Joe

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Adam and Joe

Postby 29xTheJames » 21st Apr 12, 14:33

Based on the recent A&J based activity in another part of the forum I though I would start a topic all to the lads.

I can still remember the first time I watched the A&J show on Channel 4 all the way back in 1996. I was a wee bit naughty and stayed up late to watch it (I was 11). Many happy years of fandom followed.

I have to say their radio work is my fave, I still listen to the shows years later (minus the music).

I still sing this song to myself:

Can't Watch This?

(*shouts like a very angry Adam*) NOW START TALKING ABOUT ADAM AND JOE
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Re: Adam and Joe

Postby Damian » 16th Dec 12, 16:30

I love them. I had a few friends who were very sneery about them, but I think their recent work shows that there was more to them than childish stupidity all along (childish stupidity that I very much enjoyed). Their 6Music radio shows were excellent, Joe's now doing really well "in films" and Adam is a top presenter on radio, TV and that Bug thing he does. Yay them.
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