wildhearts vs breast cancer

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wildhearts vs breast cancer

Postby lost johnny » 17th Jun 13, 20:45

I'm sure plenty of you are aware that CJ & G did a marvellous thang and organised a meet-up for a gal (fighting breast cancer) and Mark Owen, which inspired a load of positive vibes and ideas on the W/Hs FB group... A suggestion that's taken off is people, when they can afford it, pick up a breast cancer t-shirt and we all wear 'em to the earth vs. shows or the Birthday Bash. Mint.

So if you fancy joining in, here's the selected shirt http://www.coppafeel.org/Shop/unisex-blue-tshirt-med.

Joining in means (a) money to a good cause, (b) publicising a good cause and (c) recognising a fellow good egg and indulging in mutual back slapping, boozing and singing along to some great music. Here's to a sea of blue at the birthday bash.
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Re: wildhearts vs breast cancer

Postby Csristopher » 30th May 17, 08:33

Who can suggest a forum about online games?
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